Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cutting the Apron Strings

Once upon a time, I remember debating the pros and cons of education with another young mother.  My philosophy was that our little sponges needed to apply everything you could avail them and pour it abundantly into their little noggins. I will still hold to that mantra.  I really can't help myself being an education major. 
We have been praying about the next step for our oldest son concerning school in the fall.  He is ready for a bigger setting and eager to explore some of his gifts set: music and theatre.  He is very creative and talented, not to mention smart (Otis-Lennon Ability exam testifies to this).  He has had a mix of private school and homeschooling over the years and we have been seeking what will be the best fit for him as a sophomore.  As God would have it, a brand spanking new high school abides at the end of our street.  It has state of the art equipment in the music and drama...go figure!  We met today with the guidance counselor and discussed this possible transition.  Everyone seemed genuinely positive and engaging.  Our prayer has been that my husband and I and our son would be in total agreement after our meeting with the school, and if there were any flags God would make it abundantly clear that this was not the right path. 
One of my questions was how a homeschooler transitions socially and culturally into the public sphere.  GET INVOLVED!!!!  Become involved with activities that hone your interests and get you connected with other students.  Well that is a no-brainer considering all the music and theatre opportunities there.  Leaving the building today, hubby was exuberant about our visit and the tall teen was intrigued and nodding his head...sweet!  Me, I saw no flags, and I generally felt an open door there.  I will confess how profusely I was sweating sitting in the office (brings back old memories :)  This is MY kid we are talking about here!!  I have poured my heart and soul into him.  I want what is best for him, and the list for what that does NOT include is rather lengthy!  Cutting the apron strings means too attached to one's mother. It has a literal origin as well: in the days before playpens and other devices, a mother would attach her child to her by her apron strings. The child could play nearby safely.  Down the street isn't that far away, now is it?
God has repeatedly layed on my heart, 'Prepare him for the journey.'  I have talked, interviewed, prayed and asked others to pray about this long awaited day.  It would be great to have a fairy tale ending, but only God knows how his journey will turn out.  For now, we are moving forward with excitement and anticipation and fervently praying all the way.  We pray this will be a Kingdom calling for him to stretch and to be salt and light to all around him.  It definitely is a mission field!

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