Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Parade of Flowers

My husband is the most romantic guy this side of the Atlantic!  He throws the best parties!  Tonight, in honor of Valentine's Day and all 4 couples celebrating 19 years of marriage, we gathered together to reacquaint ourselves with our one true love!

The evening kicked off with a serenading of this trio.

Sushi for dinner
Then the ceremony began.  Each hubby had a dozen flowers for their best girl.  One at a time the guys took turns gifting each individual flower along with a scripture, memory, song, poem, or encouragement that meant the most to him to his wifey.  There was so many tears of joy and overwhelming emotion that we never wanted to flowers to end.  It was dear and thoughtful and a forever tuck-away-memory.
 There were LOTS of kisses happening!!
They lite the chandelier one at a time to represent Christ as our light, our centerpiece in our marriages.

 Each couple signed a covenant of our love and devotion and commitment to our marriages and to be accountable to each other in our journey.

 Here stand the most blessed 4 gals this side of the Atlantic!! 

I am my beloveds and he is mine,

Saturday, March 3, 2012

It did snow in February

There was one morning in February (I think it was Saturday the 11th) that it snowed very briefly.  My Gabe managed to use all the snow in the front yard to conjure up a snowman.  Thank goodness for my camera that holds these occurances that my brain tends to forget! 

Coram Deo,