Monday, January 30, 2012

The 5 Billy Goats Gruff

 A bit of snow came our way, the kind that freezes upon ground contact...what do you call that...frow or sneeze?  We all agreed to take a walk after church, a family thing to do together.

 Little leaves persisting their way through the cold and ice.

 Okay maybe our walk was more like a glide...
 Yes, they are related, don't let the clothes fool you!

 Sissy and I brought our cameras, because walking on the ice without an expensive camera just isn't quite the same, living on the edge and all that...
 winter, winter, winter, the signs are everywhere
 As we were walking across the field, our footsteps were crunchy and loud, dinosaur-like.  Sometimes your foot would sink into the icy snow and other steps would leave no mark.  The book the 3 Billy Goats Gruff suddenly came to life.
 TRIP, TRAP, TRIP, TRAP over the bridge...
 The eldest Billy Goat Gruff went trip trapping over the bridge first (he is always first).  No sign of any troll however.
 The middle billy goat gruff went trip trapping over the bridge hungry trolls to be seen.
And the third Billy Goat Gruff went trip trapping over the bridge.  "Who's that trip trapping over my bridge?"  called a voice from behind.  Hmmm, who could it be.  The only thing we could figure out was that the troll went to his summer home for the winter and left a recording to cycle it's way through footsteps crossing his bridge.  All we found was this...

HUH?  (Forgive my silliness, lack of sleep has taken over my brain functions)  Does this picture look like his bottom and top half are going in different directions?

A little bird's nest was discovered down below with a pile of snow stacked on top.
It looked like the snowflakes just froze to the hay.

How many steps can you take without breaking the surface?  Sissy made it to 55

Then the 5 Billy Goats Gruff went home to sit by the toasty fire and sipped steamy hot cocoa.
The End.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ice World

 A half day of school and then an afternoon of skating with friends.  My favorite graduating senior on the ice, no jacket, no need for one.

 What a good big sister!!


 The weeist one there.

 It's a family thing, look at those smiles, I love it!
The end.