Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gather to Uphold

It was a year ago that my sister-in-law suddenly passed away.  We did have a chance to say good-bye but it was so shocking.  Especially since it was on the precipice of my other sister-in-law being murdered 3 months prior.  Life is like a delicate feather that you hold gentle in your hand and sometimes the wind sweeps by and snatches it away and leaves you chasing after it.  My brother-in-law knew the week his wife died that he wanted to create a memorial in her honor.  A fellow Eagle Scout got his troop to design this garden as a tribute to Cathy and her dedication to teaching and coaching.
We gathered with family to visit the site and share her birthday together.

In the midst of sorrow, God still showers us with blessings.  The first great-grandbaby is on his way to bring hope and life.
Katie and Tyler are so excited about this baby.  Katie is on facebook updating us on the development of the fetus and she is half way there.  They just found out they are having a boy.  He should be here around Thanksgiving.
My sweet mother-in-law gracefully grieves the loss of her two girls.  She manages to hold her head up and keeps moving forward through her pain.  It is so hard to lose a child and she lost two last spring.  She said it's a club she doesn't want anyone to ever have to join.
My strapping nephews love to sweat around the hoop.

Lyndsey and Mollie hanging...
This is a playground toy that is quickly becoming extinct.  Uh, I can't even watch it going round and round without feeling whoozy.

Leui and his little brother Richie.

Put all these sweaty testosterone males in the man cave and guess what you get...

There is no piano at Uncle Glen's, so my guy felt a bit lost.
We miss you Cat!  We gathered together to uphold one another and remember you.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June is our season for birthdays...

June holds our budget by the throat.  Within a 4 week period it is all 3 of my children's birthday, my mom and dad, my mother-in-law, not to mention graduations, weddings, and friends.

My sweet niece has graduated from high school and is on her way to college in VA.  She wants to be a fashion designer.  I remember when my brother adopted her and her brother from Russia and she and I would sit and read English books and play games to teach her our language.  She is a doll!

Even though she is bigger than me I can still hold her in my lap.
Once the presents were opened and the Nerf gun came out, boyz of ALL ages started shooting.  My brother got one, actually asked, to see if the Nerf dart would stick to his glasses.
Bubba wanted a small party with close friends this year.  He made the list, thought of the activities and food.  Small parties really are the best, you get to enjoy everyone's company and everyone feels included.
Gabe's best friend LOVES to sing, you should hear him belt out Happy Birthday.  He takes requests too!

Skittles anyone?
Most of the afternoon was spent tossing water balloons.  I am still finding them all over the yard.

Sissy had a soccer, swimming, sleepover party.

Coram Deo,

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sherlock and Watson

How can my baby boy be 16?  He got his learner's permit this week!  For his birthday he wanted to have a movie themed gathering with a few friends.  His best bud dressed up as Watson, the two make a dreamy pair!

His favorite time period is the 1800's.  That vest was number one on his birthday list.
A couple cohorts are working on a film together.  They had a brief pow-wow before the gathering.

Not everyone dressed up.  Some just came as themselves.

I know, the one in the that is a sad version of Anne of Green Gables that I ever did see!

She really is increda-girl!

Hubby said he felt a bit bloated at the party...

Such dear, dear friends he is blessed with.  She made her dress, so she came as Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice.  Katie also MADE him a signet press that she burned in wood herself.  HELLO!  She knows Douglas so well!

Cream soda, they all love cream soda!

1 John 4:7
Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.

Happy Birthday Son,
Your Mama