Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hurricane Party

An apropos game to play as the lights went out right after dinner.
Hurricane Irene was on the way so we decided to gather some friends to anticipate her arrival.  Our house is one that gets excited about weather and natural happenings.  Some people get scared, worried, even nonplussed but we all have a sense of delight, awe, and wonderment when our great God does something to move the earth (like a few days earlier).  We love snowstorms, hail, and yes, the earthquake too.

We munched and talked and played a board game, but mostly talked.

Glow bands come in really handy when the electricity goes out.  Someone wisely commented that just the electricity went out, we still had our source of power, true power that is from Christ!
Sleepovers all around.  We got the big boys...they come in handy too, to move big, heavy generators!
I couldn't be more embarrassed by my neighbor right now.  He has the nerve to make 3 different signs to complain about having no electricity.  We are on day 5 now and a projected 3 more to go before they get to us.  They are a couple of trees lying across the power lines so until they get removed...
 What is a right response to this man?  I know what my first reaction is, but it is not the right one.  One of my kids wanted to make a sign that said, 'thank you BGE for all your hard work.'  But I am not letting said child do that!

Coram Deo,

Monday, August 29, 2011


Our itinerary changed with tropical Emily heading to St. Thomas, which was our destination.  Our captain thought it best to head to Mexico instead...puking or sunshine...yep let's go with the sun!  We had 2 days on the sea to play on the big big boat.  Zipline first!  What's Gabe looking down at you ask?
 The zipline is 7 stories above the boardwalk below.  It criss-crosses over the ship.
 This is me having a panic attack.   I was fine until they put the helmet on my head and flipped the visor over my face, me no like!  So I calmly asked the nice man to unhook hook me NOW!  He tried his best to coax me into soaring across the air but the heartbeat drumming in my ears prevented the pep-talk from working.

We saw the musical Hairspray which was phenomenal.
The flow rider was Gabe's favorite activity on the boat.  It is a man-made wave pumping upward that you boogie board or surf (depending on your skill level) upon.

You want me to do what?...spin and flip...oookkk...

Our next stop was Costa Maya.  It was a warm tropical day.

We lounged in the huge pool and whiled away the hours...

We ate at the Chops Grille tonight.  Unforgettable meal!  Then went to see the Flying Oasis.  This is sort of like the Circus Olay.   Performers were literally flying around the auditorium, disappearing into the ceiling and below the stage.

I liked dressing up for dinner.  I could really get used to that!  Some gorgeous meals awaits us while we refresh ourselves for the evening.  I'm liking it!

Photo's on the boat were $20 for an 8x10.  I took my!

We said good-night to monkey after a fun day of play.  The next day was just as filled with activities.  One of our favorite spots was the whirlpool that extended over the side of the ship and was enclosed in glass.  Warm and bubbly and very relaxing.  This was the Alice in Wonderland chair..a tad bit over-sized, that or Doug shrank!  3D movies, diving shows, flash mob dance lessons, ice skating, rock wall climbing, putt-putt, aqua theatre, karaoke, yoga class, the list went on and on.

Our cruise director was a hoot.  Mollie and I were part of the flash mob at one of the parades.  Douglas's fingers were itching to find a piano to play.  The piano guy at the Schooner actually shared the piano with him one evening.
I know I am forgetting a ton of things.  We had a fun, restful time.  We snorkeled and kayaked at Cozumel, Doug bid his straw hat farewell on the open seas, we laughed until our sides hurt one night playing cards in the game room while my brother told the story of one of his clients with tourettes, napping on this huge wicker lounge chair in the middle of the afternoon, and bubble and squeak.  It was fantastic, smashing, and amazing!
Coram Deo,

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bahama Mama

 Our first scheduled stop was the Bahamas.  It was a warm carribean day and we hired a bahamian tour guide to take us around the island and show us the highlights.

 Our first stop was to Fort Fincastle.  Reached by climbing the Queen's Staircase, this fort was constructed in 1793 by Lord Dunmore, the royal governor. You can take an elevator ride to the top and walk on the observation floor (water tower and lighthouse) for a panoramic view of the harbor. The tower is New Providence's highest point. This fort's so-called bow is patterned like a Mississippi paddle-wheel steamer; it was built to defend Nassau against a possible invasion, though no shot was ever fired.

 Carribean colors, ya mon.
 Carved out of limestone by slave labor in the 1790s, these 65 steps are one of Nassau's most popular attractions. The stairs were later renamed for Queen Victoria to commemorate her 65 years of rule ending in 1901.

 Grafitti along the road.  Some fun facts:  a gallon of milk costs $8.00, a new car costs 85% tax to bring it onto the island plus the cost of the car, cha-ching!  Their tax system is very different then ours.

 Statue of Columbus in front of one of the government buildings...please take note that the building is PINK!!
 This is the high-end district of the island.  Bahamians like to fence everything in to denote spacial boundaries.
 Colors are bright and vibrant from houses to water, it all speaks of our artistic God!

 Everyone was chattering about Atlantis.  Gotta go see Atlantis.  So we did.  Um, I am not into gambling thank you very much!
 Such a sweet setting.  Colorful condos with their boats parked out front.

 Some weird bull mermaid thing.  In gold.  Pointy horns...very tacky.

 There were two formal nights on the ship.  Blurry shots, whaaaaa. 

 Will you look at all these glasses!  This is the kind of deal where the headwaiter greets you by name.  Then your watier comes over and places the linen napkin in you lap.  Then the wine steward shows you the wine list.  Then the associate waiter brings you a basket of fresh baked breads to choose from.  Then the bar dude shows up, my o my!  These people work on the ship for 6 months at a time.  They go home for 10 weeks and back to the boat again.

Spoiled I tell ya.  After playing all day and feasting all night you return to your cabin to a turned down bed with a chocolate on the pillow and some towel creature to bid you good-nite!  I will post more tomorrow.