Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sunny Brunch

 In the hustle of daily living we sometimes get so busy we really are living in 'rote-zone'; do the next thing, get the lists checked off, keep up with the sqweeky wheels, pay attention, be mindful, and remember to come up for air.  As an adult a 'time-out' is a good thing, a needed thing.  The Lord put it on my heart to have a brunch with some well deserving moms.

 Wear something pink or red beings that its February and all...not to mention my signature color!
 Right here is a picture of a true servant's heart.  I have never met anyone like my Sandra who serve's with a joyful spirit always, always pitching in to help in anyway!  Mark 10:45 and Phil 1:4-Love you girl!
Chocolate covered strawberries, cream of mushroom soup, lemon cake, fresh fruit, and muffins.

I gathered all my tea cups and linens that only appear for treats like these.  It was delightful preparing for this morning!

This was one way I hadn't thought of for using linen napkins.
Triple cream brie with cherry honey served on a deserving french baguette, thank you Wegman's!  Each lady hunted for a love note from God that was placed around the room with a scripture verse that was meant for her.  One gal even took the instruction heart home because she didn't know the verse, so sweet.

I read a little devotional and prayed for everyone.  It was a truly lovely morning!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Eat the Moon

 The moon was rather spectacular the other night.  All aglow in orange and haze.
 Gabe got the idea, 'eat the moon!'
 or nibble....

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


The themometer says 70 degrees, but it is February 1st on the mid-east coast.  Did someone move the hemisphere when I wasn't looking?  Hubby brought home this beautiful Hyacinth (from the latin Asparagaceae)  and the fragrance has filled my home like none other.  It is rather intoxicating! 
And for your February 1st trivia did you know...

Hyacinth was a beautiful youth loved by both the god Apollo and the West Wind, Zephyr. Apollo and Hyacinth took turns at throwing the discus. Hyacinth ran to catch it to impress Apollo, but he was struck by the discus as it fell to the ground, and died.[5] A twist in the tale makes the wind god Zephyrus responsible for the death of Hyacinth.[6] The youth's beauty caused a feud between Zephyrus and Apollo. Jealous that Hyacinth preferred the radiant archery god Apollo, Zephyrus blew Apollo's discus off course, so as to injure and kill Hyacinth. Apollo did not allow Hades to claim Hyacinth. Instead, Apollo made a flower, the hyacinth, from Hyacinth's spilled blood.

Now you know,
Happy February,