Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sunny Brunch

 In the hustle of daily living we sometimes get so busy we really are living in 'rote-zone'; do the next thing, get the lists checked off, keep up with the sqweeky wheels, pay attention, be mindful, and remember to come up for air.  As an adult a 'time-out' is a good thing, a needed thing.  The Lord put it on my heart to have a brunch with some well deserving moms.

 Wear something pink or red beings that its February and all...not to mention my signature color!
 Right here is a picture of a true servant's heart.  I have never met anyone like my Sandra who serve's with a joyful spirit always, always pitching in to help in anyway!  Mark 10:45 and Phil 1:4-Love you girl!
Chocolate covered strawberries, cream of mushroom soup, lemon cake, fresh fruit, and muffins.

I gathered all my tea cups and linens that only appear for treats like these.  It was delightful preparing for this morning!

This was one way I hadn't thought of for using linen napkins.
Triple cream brie with cherry honey served on a deserving french baguette, thank you Wegman's!  Each lady hunted for a love note from God that was placed around the room with a scripture verse that was meant for her.  One gal even took the instruction heart home because she didn't know the verse, so sweet.

I read a little devotional and prayed for everyone.  It was a truly lovely morning!

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