Monday, April 23, 2012


My community has an annual Kite Day that we have attended over the years.  It is always a fun event.  So many pretty colors assorted in the sky just puts a smile on your face.  The weather has never been the same from year to year.  Last year it was drizzly, the year before was chilly, and this wind!
These little guys were akin to the Big Bad Wolf running up and down the field trying so diligently to get that kite to take flight!

Best line of the day..."I took the horns off the dragon to give him some lift,"  Gary said, and he wasn't trying to be funny!

No means of conjoling or coaxing the air was not moving!

This is when the dragon lost his horns...

A large portion of kite flying is the repetitive act of untangling string and winding it in.

Kite powered by boy...

 We laughed a lot, and got a little suntan to boot.  We shall see what next year brings...

Coram Deo,

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