Monday, July 8, 2013

Powder Room Redo

Gut the old, there is something most satisfying about tearing out the walls, ceilings, and floor of an old stinky bathroom.  BYE-BYE mauve!  BYE-BYE tile, I have never been a fan of tile-it's cold and hard.  The inspiration for the new powder room is lavendar and green.  We had left-over flooring from our master bathroom so we used up the very last of that!

I even recycled the lighting, I just spray painted it in oil-rubbed bronze to match the new hardware.


There was about 19" for door clearance for a new vanity.  Nothing out there with any kind of panache so we made one.  I bought this cute little cabinet and Macgyver cut a hole in it and we popped a sweet oval sink into it (that sounds alot easier than it actually was!)  This has nice storage too!  Pretty beadboard 3/4 way up the wall added lots of charm.

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