Monday, May 17, 2010

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow?

There are no silver bells or cockleshells all layed in a row here.  In fact, it is just a ginormous mess.  However, this mess is mine and I am ready to do some serious shakin and movin today!  Mary would NOT be pleased with the present state of things.  I just returned from the Home Depot, which was a happy, sunshiny place today.  Meandering through the tundra I was thoughtfully picking out our herbs and veges.   Here is the green party:

The big boy has been schlepping and digging all morning.  I shall load him up on exorbitant amounts of protein so he does not faint!

SO the technique for this year's garden is from a book called Lasagna Gardening.  The basic principle is to gather a neighborhood worth of newspaper, soak it till it weighs more than your first-born and make a layer over the entire fresh surface.  Then add dirt, compost, cow poop, hay, whatever ya got and mix it all up.  (Yes, I actually got some manure today when I picked up my girl from riding lessons-SHHEESSH!)

It is finished!  Big strapping teenager and father dug out numerous grassy bushes, and even a tree that took over the corner!  There is not a weed or a groundhog in sight!  I will keep you posted on the growth.  One thing I did not plan for was enough dirt to cover the area.  It was neat laying down all the newspaper we got from my dad; he does the crossword puzzle everyday!!!  And now they are in my garden, I lurve it!

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Michelle said...

Go Warrior chic! May you have victory over the battle of the brushes!