Monday, May 23, 2011

How can she be 14?

 How can she be 14?  It just doesn't seem possible that my baby girl is a blooming teenager!  In the morning we had tickets to go to the BSO to hear 'The Composer is Dead,' by Lemony Snicket.  Then we went to Bloom's Broom for some crab soup and dirt ice cream.
A little shopping, then Sissy had to go to drama class.

 She made her vest in sewing class and donned it for her big day.
 Grandparents joined us for a dinner of Broc-a-mollie and presents.
 Birthday cake request (by all of my children)...Grasshopper Cake.
 Sissy asked to swap bedrooms with her little brother since he has the biggest bedroom.  She wanted to create a zebra theme in hot pink and turquoise.

 Friend Keller joined us for dessert and a night out swing dancing with Papa and Mama Bear.  Keller wrote her birthday card in Japanese...sheesh, homeschool kids!
 Papa Bear
We got on our dancing shoes and had a great time swinging the night away!

Lov you kitty cat!
Your Mama

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