Sunday, November 27, 2011

Reformation Buffet

"Let it not make thee despair, neither yet discourage thee, O reader, that it is forbidden thee in pain of life and goods, or that it is made breaking of the king's peace, or treason unto his highness, to read the Word of thy soul's health—for if God be on our side, what matter maketh it who be against us, be they bishops, cardinals, popes."

William Tyndale could speak seven languages and was proficient in ancient Hebrew and Greek. He was a priest whose intellectual gifts and disciplined life could have taken him a long way in the church—had he not had one compulsion: to teach English men and women the good news of justification by faith.  He was singularly sold out for Christ and the Gospel.

Tyndale was a theologian and scholar who translated the Bible into an early form of Modern English. He was the first person to take advantage of Gutenberg’s movable-type press for the purpose of printing the scriptures in the English language. Besides translating the Bible, Tyndale also held and published views which were considered heretical, first by the Catholic Church, and later by the Church of England which was established by Henry VIII. His Bible translation also included notes and commentary promoting these views. Tyndale's translation was banned by the authorities, and Tyndale himself was burned at the stake in 1536, at the instigation of agents of Henry VIII and the Anglican Church.

Learning church history has been a thrill as my eyes have been opened to the men who have paved the way for us today.  The King James bible celebrates it's 400th birthday this year!  Our church commemorated this event with a buffet and evening of learning our church history and a concert from students from the Peabody Institute singing Reformation hymns.  It was just delightful!

Our girls got together the evening before and baked all night the yummy goodies to be served at the banquet...

 Donut Cake

 Apple Crisp

 Apple Crumb Cheesecake
 Lots of giggles and smiles
 The evening of the banquet our little guys served the desserts!  Way to go guys!

 These musicians gave me chills.  I closed my eyes and listened to the singers and the lyre being played and I am certain it has a heavenly aura hovering over it!
What a blessed evening we shared!  I am now enamored with William Tyndale and the strength of his faith.  He gave everything for the cause of spreading the good news to everyone!!

Coram Deo,

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