Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Turkey Day

Down on the farm the family gathered for the holiday.  We ate...A LOT!!

Doug  picked up the melodica for the first time and played it just like the piano, it has a quiet, soft sound.

This is Jared fetching the football that got stuck in the tree.
This is Jared being lobbed by other footballs from his thoughtful cousins...what are cousins for, right?

My favorite line from the weekend...Mollie and Lindsey were playing Bananagrams and Mollie asked, "How do you spell the word 'join', is it oi or io?"  Aunt Conway very patiently explained (twice) that it's i before e except after c.  The look on Mollie's face was priceless.

Frightening, I know...
Under the fort of air mattresses...
On top of the fort of air mattresses.
A little jam session.
Yet another use for orange juice...

Some of the grandkids.

Madi leaving for a road trip with some friends for a month.

Doug is a skinny as the top of the trunk of the tree, way up high.

Uncle Glen teaching Gabe some football tactics.

Nice orange streak of mohawk Cole, opps, I mean red, yes it was red, but sadly faded too soon.

Look at Kelly go!!  The token mom in the football game...woohoo!
Quaterback Glen
 Barrett boyz eat their Wheatie's!

The Heiman move, nice Johnny boy!
Doesn't every family gather around the fire to watch the teenagers jump over it?  COME ON, get with the program people!  High five!!

I think we thoughly exhausted Papa and Grammy with our high energy families!  Seeing the cousins together was the best part of the gathering.  Watching memories being made for a lifetime!

Coram Deo,

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