Wednesday, June 13, 2012

College Questions

Some questions to ask while visiting a college:
1. Why should I go to a Christian college?
2. What makes this college unique?
3. How would you describe the student body?
4. What are academics like here?
5. How do the 30 credits of Bible fit into my program?
6. What is residence life like?
7. Can I have a car on campus?
8. How do students get around town (for church, shopping, etc.)?
9. What is the application process?
10. How will my credits transfer?
11. What financial aid is available, and how is financial aid determined?
12. How many students are at this school?
13. Are there lots of jobs on campus?
14. What is the spiritual atmosphere?
15. How would you describe the relationships between students and professors?
16. What is daily chapel like?
17. Tell me about athletics.
18. What is the average class size?
19. Tell me about the fine arts opportunities.
20. Do graduates find work?

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