Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dr. Ortho

We had a unique project creating the palette for an orthodontist's brand new office.  We worked from the blueprints to create a welcoming and warm atmosphere.  Dr. M chose rusts and golds for his decor colors.  He is a lot of fun to work for, we enjoyed this project!
 A large waiting room greets you as you walk in.  Lots of comfortable seating.

 Dr. M didn't want a traditional office for himself, instead he choose to make his personal space have a leather sofa for afternoon catnaps and a couple comfy chairs, no desk, no files, just ambiance and personal photos and accessories.
 Whoops, should have moved my lavender coat!

 He chose a Parisian motif for his wall art.
 Not many doctor's offices have custom window treatments, very classy!
 This pretty vignette greets you when you use the bathroom.
 The doctor is in the house!

 This is one of the wall's in the kitchenette.

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