Monday, August 27, 2012

On the Lake in Maine

 We just can't let go of our beloved life-liners for a second!

 One evening we lit a paper balloon and set it sailing across the lake in memory of Barb and Cathy.

 Mollie and I had downloaded a bunch of line dance songs to her ipod and had a dance night, twas way fun!
 Camp Relief was built in 1901.  It sits at the northern tip of Belgrade Lakes.  It's name was given because the mosquitoes don't hang out here because the wind drifts up onto the camp and it is a relief when the breeze blows the nasty biters away.

 1st catch of the vacation!

 King of the hill, err, lake...

 Each night one family unit would prepare dinner.  We had such a yummy variety of tasties:  a lobster bake, clam chowder, steak, lasagna, low country boil, burgers...I know I gained 10 pounds this week!

 Of all things there was a piano.  Nightly entertainment by the Dougmyster.
 My Maine puzzle, I love doing puzzles on vacation.  I can't do them at home because our cat like to jump up on the puzzle and scatter pieces every which way.
 It gets uber dark at night in Maine, the screened in porch was the place to hang out!

 A quiet moment by the lake.  Love the book I was reading, The Curate of Glaston by George McDonald.

 A tree swing over the lake, now that was cool!

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