Monday, October 22, 2012

Douglas Montgomery Senior Portraits

 The clock is ticking and it's not my internal clock.  It's my first born from my womb getting ready to finish up a long leg of his educational journey that I have poured my heart and soul into clock.  It's loud, can you hear it??  I keep trying to mentally prepare myself for this.  And it's not just today that I am visualizing empty nest but I have for years knowing that it is coming.  My heart just swells thinking about graduation caps and future preparations.  I am equally thrilled and excited for him but also dropping into the precipice of a weepy puddle.  I am not going to be good at this I can tell.  I will miss him like I would miss my daily dose of chocolate.  I need to get Gabe practicing piano more, where will the music go when he leaves??  It's just too sad to think about.  I know I need to get a grip but I am not one of those mom's who can't wait to get their kid into a dorm, I am in the other camp entirely!  I just love this boy!  He brings joy and laughter, thoughtfulness and poise into our world.  His strong work ethic and determination are inspiring!
 I am trying to keep it to under 40 shoots to share.  We had fun going out and playing with the light and props and set.

 Yep, he has earned his wings, he is ready to set sail, the journey looks bright and promising.  He is grounded in his faith, is eloquent in defending his beliefs, and is filled with creativity and talent to set the world anew!  We are so proud of you! 
Love you Douglas!

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