Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Clay's

 15 Years and counting.  These two have been our family friends since Mollie was an infant.  We first met Sandy and Harvey at a Home Builders Bible study.  Harvey and Sandy were leading the class and Leu and I were taking our very first bible study together.  We connected immediately and have journeyed together ever since.  They are a wonderful blessing to us.  Not only that but our kids have grown up together sharing birthdays and vacations and tons and tons of memories!  I am so very grateful the Lord has allowed us to walk this path of marriage and parenting with our faith in the center of it all.

Sandy is my girlfriend with the gift of gab.  I love that about her truly.  She can (and does) talk to anybody anywhere.  We can be in another state of this country and she will know someone everywhere we go, it's uncanny!  She remembers every name of every person.  It starts with, "I know that person..."  and in about 3 minutes she will have walked up to them and enveloped them in a conversation.  I wish I could do that.  Sandy is also my cooking partner in crime.  Swapping recipes with her is a bit tricky since she never makes the same dish twice the same way nor does she follow the recipe.  Best of all we share the love of Christ and encourage each other in our walks.  We have been there for each other through births, funerals, blessings, traumas, and even a wedding of a first born!  I pray we  will one day get to hold each others grandbabbies!!  I am blessed to have you girl!

We love you guys!!

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