Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thoughts from Leui...

When someone asks you: "Why did this horrible tragedy happen in Newtown, CT?", answer them: "When you evict God from public school evil must reign."

And evil must obey its own 10 commandments:
1) Thou shalt not worship God (God is dead, the Bible is 'hate speech'). Thou shalt worship other Gods (science, sports, movie stars, islam, buddhism, money, anything but Jesus).
2) Thou shalt worship images ($, porn, superbowl, mother earth, big screen, technology).
3) Thou shalt cuss (a lot - because you're cool and it's funny and edgy).
4) Thou shalt not rest on Sunday.
5) Thou shalt dishonor your mother and your father (they're idiots who have no idea what it's like being you).
6) Thou shalt murder (1 million abortions per year, school shootings, mall shootings, letter bombs, suicide bombs, anthrax letters).
7) Thou shalt have sex (mandatory condom distribution, morning after pill, homosexuality, premarital sex, cheating on your spouse, rape, incest).
8) Thou shalt steal (rip music, pirate movies and software, rob from the rich cuz it's fair and balanced).
9) Thou shalt lie (about everything).
10) Thou shalt covet and feel entitled to anything anyone else has - and demand free handouts, or lie to get it, or steal to get it, or have sex to get it, or murder to get it, or dishonor your mother and your father to get it, or work on Sunday to get it, or cuss to get it, or worship anything but God to get it because "YOU DESERVE IT".

God's law works both ways.
Blessings or cursings.

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