Monday, January 28, 2013

Holiday Frolicks from 2012

 Gabe has a nature notebook that he paints in every week.  I love seeing his progress and creativity and excitement!
 A late gathering at our home with my cousins and aunt.

 Everyone should have an Aunt Pat.  If you don't come and hang with mine, she is a stitch.  Gabriel could hardly wait for her to come because she does some amazing magic tricks.
 We played the left-right game with a gift purchased from the dollar store.  What a hoot!
 Zack you have a great smile!

 No more hand prints for Doug, it's officially the same size as last year...the end of a tradition....

 We used this as our morning family devotions for December, we had some thoughtful discussions.

 Doug's favorite meal, not sure how to package this up when care packages get sent to college...
 Cookie baking, they are wonderful helpers in the kitchen.  They pumped out some cookies for our annual caroling party.

 One December morning
 A very brief snow, just enough to build a snowman!

 Throw in a super fun birthday gathering and we stayed healthy through it all!
Coram Deo,

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