Tuesday, January 29, 2013


 Gabriel competed in a Lego Robotics Tournament along with a group of friends from church.  Every fall Lego presents a challenge to the world to solve a problem and the quest is to work as a team to come up with solutions.  This is a kid-initiated program, sort of like Destination Imagination or Odyssey of the Mind.
 The challenge this year was helping senior citizens.  The group had to interview a senior and come up with questions to ask them concerning their needs.  Then they had to go back and serve them in some capacity.
 This is the board where 20 missions are to be run through the coarse.  Our team was able to complete 4 of the missions.
 Our faithful Team Coach!
 For each mission the Lego robotic must be programmed and manipulated to achieve the destination.  For instance, on one run they had to create an arm on the robot to push a chair under a table.  They learn team building skills, problem solving, computer programming and to think outside the box.

 The first competition was held at Aberdeen Proving Grounds.  We were able to go onto the second floor and watch teams compete below.  Two tables are set up side by side and then two teams are competing against each other for their score.  The balls in the middle of the two tables can be knocked onto the opponents table and your team receives extra points and the other team loses points.
 There are 3 judging rooms that the teams talk to the panel about their experience.  They need to decide who will say what about which part of the project.
They made it to the state championship and learned a ton!  Way to go Legocy!!

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