Thursday, March 7, 2013

Janet's 60th Birthday

 Only her hubby could barge into her classroom while she was teaching with an entourage of groupies to celebrate with panache!  Thankfully the youngest was home for break from college so he and his best bud could sing a little song.

 David had a cake made with her sweet baby picture in black and white.

 He put together a slide show of her growing years together to share with her students.

 Janet and I have been great friends linking arms and sharing life's journey together, encouraging one another and sharpening each other.

 This 3rd grade class can PAR-TAY!  First I love Grace's dimples, second I love the price tag on the glasses, very chic!
 Douglas is their surrogate son while her youngest is away...

Happy birthday special lady!  You look marvelous!!

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