Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ice Stockings

The abundance of snow brought forth an issue in our home.  The build-up of snow on our roof created ice dams which spaghettied its way into our kitchen.  The ceiling fan became a waterfall.  Day 2 of buckets scattered on my kitchen island led to some more investigating and a couple of holes drilled into the ceiling to see where the vein of water was coming from.  No leads.  Down came the fan and a steady brown drip plagued my otherwise sunny little kitchen. 

More diligent research, on the part of my man, brought us to this special melting ice that if you put it inside of pantyhose will melt the dams and break the flow.  Out came some antique nylons that I have not looked at in a very long time and they did indeed serve their purpose. 
Back went my kitchen fan and the buckets all put away and all was well, until the other day when I got a bit of a fright.  I had walked into the kitchen to start dinner and there waving in my kitchen window was one leg of an empty stocking flowing in the wind.  That was totally bizarre!  I am not sure I have a scripture for this one...


Lisa said...

HYSTERICAL! I can just picture it now! As a dear friend always says..."Nothing stranger than real life!"

webbmomontheweb said...

Thank you for the deep, belly-laugh. I love your perspective on life.