Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Man

I love that man of mine!  He works so hard!  He is a family man; he is a real man.  He juggles more than just his demanding job; he invents, he picks up side jobs, he repairs our house, he pays attention to his family, he serves, he looks out for his neighbor, and he invites you into his heart.  His desire is to be a Godly man.  As his helpmate, I try to do my part in equipping him with the precious time he has to integrate into the family shuffle as he transitions coming home from work. 
We try to sit down monthly and plan what lies ahead.  Part of the scheduling includes 'Daddy dates'.  Each child gets to pick one activity to plan with dad (hopefully it's a free activity!).  Our youngest has chosen going to the pool, Saturday's at Home Depot Kids Workshop, building towers, or doing science experiments together.  Our daughter likes to have breakfast, visit the horse farm, make origami, or go on a walk.  Our eldest will usually pick a food related thing like an ice cream or breakfast, or a hike.  One-on-one time is critical to our family, especially daddy.  He throws himself in 100% and you and he are the only 2 people in the whole wide world. 
He will write them notes of encouragement or jokes and stick them on their pillows or put them in their lunches. 
I try to get the books the older ones are reading on audio so he can listen to them on his way to and from work and engage in highlights of the story with them.  
We strive for Friday Family Fun Night that includes a devotional and some kind of interactive game.  Sometimes we let the kids pick and may end up with everyone making their own custom pizza and watch a movie. 
He and the older 2 are reading the Chronological Bible together and then journal and discuss what they read.  With our little guy, he is reading through a Children's Bible with him. 
He is the kind of guy that doesn't watch TV or care much for sports.  SO, when he has time he is never at a loss of things to do.  Our kids have many requests or needs that he very much wants to meet.  For instance, "Daddy my bike needs fixin', Dad can you help me with my algebra?, Dad how do I find something on the computer?, Can I get on the roof (that question just asked this very second)?"   I for one am glad to deflect some of the questions to the King!
We have kept journals for each of our kids since they were born and record milestones or funny things they have done or said in their notebook.  What a gift --Daddy's handwriting recording their accomplishments! 
I pray for my man.  He is pulled in so many directions and desires the righteous path.  If you need to jump start prayer for the guy in your life I would recomend The Power of a Praying Wife.  I keep this book on my nightstand and just turn to a section and pray the prayers right off the page of that chapter.  I know his weakness, he is human after all!  Pray over him as he goes off to work.  Ask him how you can be a better wife.  Be a fortress of strength for your husband, pray for him!

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