Monday, August 22, 2011

Oasis of the Seas, All Aboard
Never having been on the high seas before, we found ourselves on the biggest cruise ship in the world.  Venturing to the carribean islands while aboard the floating complex was extraordinary!  I can soundly affirm that it takes only 7 days to become completely spoiled. 
 Get your passport out and keep it out.  They want to make sure you don't morph into some illegal alien while making your way through the maze of ramps to get onto the ship.
 I know, we really played up the tourist part.  Boarding the ship and taking it all in is a ride for your five senses.  It is sort of like Disney and New York all wrapped up in a dazzling package.
 The main level is the called the Promanade.  The water fountain looks like lazer lights, this particular place is where the floating bar would elevate from one floor level to the next.
 I really truly wanted matching slippers to go with this glass staircase.  Cinderella...
 Enter Central Park to find high end restaurants, art galleries, and a green house.
 Because it is so darn easy to get mixed up on the ship...aft, port, starboard, yada yada yada (I am so good with directions inately), that a very thoughtful engineer thought of me and put these touch screens all over the boat so you could see where you were, figure out where you want to go, and if you wanted to go someplace in particular it informed you if there was a wait and how many people were presently occupying that area.  HA!
 I did not have my big camera with me so some of my pics didn't turn out so great.  As you enter the glass elevator the floor tells you the day of the week.  Not because we are stupid, but because you enter a time warp when your tootsies board the boat.  No longer do you have any sense of time, except for your stomach that tells you EXACTLY when it is time to eat.  Oh and did we eat the MOST BEAUTIFUL FOOD I HAVE EVER TASTED!!!  Nice piggie toes Sissy!
 These glowing little boat models were helpful in orienting yourself as well.
 Our state room was cozy.  We were on the 12th floor and had a balcony.  There were 16 floors on the boat, I think 6500 guests were on the boat, 2500 employees too.  WOWZERS!
 Surf board benches to sit and bask in the view.
I was delighted by all the sculptures and art on the boat.  Don't quote me but there is over $100,000 worth of art that you can buy if you'd like.

 The atrium, adults only, we caught some great shooting stars here!

 I loved the formal dining room.  I loved the formal dining room!  Anytime I get to sit down at a table with 3 different glasses, spoons, forks, and plates I just melt!
 My and my bro

 No photo shop here baby!  The clouds are so cool on the ocean horizon.  They extend up like a mushroom.
 This is a bird's eye view of 12 stories above sea level!  Carribean water is an entirely different color than our east coast ocean color.  We saw a school of baby dolphins, or what looked like baby dolphins.

Panaramic of the sunrise. 
 The boardwalk was a real kid-friendly place to hang-out!  They had the different stages of building the horses for the carosel.  Face painting, parades, games, non-stop activites, shows, and treats.

More photos to come Matey!

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