Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hurricane Party

An apropos game to play as the lights went out right after dinner.
Hurricane Irene was on the way so we decided to gather some friends to anticipate her arrival.  Our house is one that gets excited about weather and natural happenings.  Some people get scared, worried, even nonplussed but we all have a sense of delight, awe, and wonderment when our great God does something to move the earth (like a few days earlier).  We love snowstorms, hail, and yes, the earthquake too.

We munched and talked and played a board game, but mostly talked.

Glow bands come in really handy when the electricity goes out.  Someone wisely commented that just the electricity went out, we still had our source of power, true power that is from Christ!
Sleepovers all around.  We got the big boys...they come in handy too, to move big, heavy generators!
I couldn't be more embarrassed by my neighbor right now.  He has the nerve to make 3 different signs to complain about having no electricity.  We are on day 5 now and a projected 3 more to go before they get to us.  They are a couple of trees lying across the power lines so until they get removed...
 What is a right response to this man?  I know what my first reaction is, but it is not the right one.  One of my kids wanted to make a sign that said, 'thank you BGE for all your hard work.'  But I am not letting said child do that!

Coram Deo,

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