Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Up on a Rooftop

As my teenagers grow their friendships become sudo important to them.  I prayed for years for the Lord to bless Douglas with a 'Jonathan' in his life. 

Jonathan said to David, "Go in peace, for we have sworn friendship with each other in the name of the Lord." 1 Samuel 20:42

A true friend to journey with who loves and serves the Lord, one who has your back, one who will speak truth into your life.  The Lord in His infinite goodness has blessed my son with not one but several buddies who walk along side of him.  I am grateful.  I too enjoy having these hurkey boys around the house.  They are so sweet and helpful!  Climb up on the roof to put up Christmas lights, you bet.  "Hey, can I help do anything in the kitchen to get ready for supper?"  Sit and chat, yes, yes, yes!  What a joy!

Coram Deo,

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