Tuesday, December 27, 2011

NCCS Theater Fall 2011

THE BOOR.  Written in 1888, captures the essense of Russian comedy.  Anton Chekhov, a superb Russian writer, penned The Boor in a single afternoon.  Filling it to the brim with situational irony and subtle shifts of power from one character to the other.  The play addresses the problem of hierarchy and differences between masculine and feminine roles.
 Bailey played Popov and did her character justice with widow mood flare and bravery.
Smirnov was filled with wild energy and tenacity.

The Pretentious Young Ladies.  This comedy captures man's sinfulness when left to his own desires.  The pain and arrogance of the main characters had us rolling.

The Stronger.  This unique one-act has one actress with a speaking role.  The lead, Jenna, had to memorize a 15 minute dialogue, that is hard to do!!  The other actress fills her role with a myriad of facial expressions, also a most rigorous challenge!

Directors gathered on stage after the performance to take questions from the audience about the process of directing their first play.

 Mrs. Vass has been instrumental in the growth of our drama team.  She lends her expertise graciously and allows our students to make decisions.  We will miss her greatly!
Bumps in the road, you bet!  What a great learning experience to pull together a production.  Luckily, these upper classman enjoy each other and work well together.  Hats off to you all!

Coram Deo,

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