Monday, January 2, 2012

A Study in Ephesians

I am joining an e-study with Good Morning Girls starting on January 15th.  The study is Monday thru Thrusday and runs until mid April.  It's a chance to group together with other women and share what God is teaching you through His mighty Word.  My friend Wendy has done one of these studies before and writes: When I found Good Morning Girls online, I was looking for a Bible Study that fit with mommyhood, and that encouraged me to faithfulness through accountability.  It is not an online study, but an online accountability group.  The book of Ephesians will be divided into 12 weeks, with a daily portion that you will write out in a journal, make observations (using notes and commentaries of your own), find applications, and pray/meditate about daily.  The week is laid out as Mon-Thurs to study, and Friday to review the week.  Then you would post to a closed Yahoo group that I would set up about what you are learning and any prayer requests.  I did this study in the fall on I John and I loved how much I was able to learn by doing a slow study.  The accountability was awesome too! 
Check out the link for more information.
 2012 Ephesians Downloadable Documents

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