Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shhh, hitch-hiking

We enjoyed our morning devotions sitting by the pool overlooking the ocean eating scrumptious food.  Snorkeling this morning with the sea creatures was how we launched into the day.
Tee Hee Hee, I look like I know what I am doing, do NOT let that fool you!  We swam around for about an hour or so.  Yes, that is me and the turtle hangin out.

Underwater camera's are a bit fuzzy.  Do you see that white spear looking thing, that is an eel.  I was trying to take its picture all the while drifting towards the dang think, ahh, hello, it's an eel girlfriend, MOVE!!  Aren't they like relatives of snakes??
  I really felt connected to the movie NEMO while snorkeling!

After we cleaned up and packed up we headed to the east side of the island Hilo.  We asked one of the locals where to have lunch as she quickly said Huli Sue's.  When we drove up the the shack I was not too sure about why we would go in there, but we did.  I had the very best fish taco that has EVER passed between my lips, it was so good.  They grilled the tortilla, marinated the tomatoes, grilled the Wahoo, and stuffed it with cabbage and asian sauce.  Never have I tasted anything like it!

Next we went to the Waipio Valley.  There are 3 huge cliffs, called the 3 Kings, that are competing for status.

There is a waterfall down in the valley and it was said to be about a 35 minute hike at a steep incline.  Well after yesterdays hike we thought, 'how bad can it be?'  Ha Ha Ha.  It was the kind of steep that only 4 wheel drive was allowed down the cliff.  It was the kind of steep where your toes get smashed into the front of your shoe, your body is leaning back into the road, and your knees are bearing the load of the downward hike, a bit slippery too.  This was going to be a long, arduous trail, until along came a pick-up truck.  Have you ever wondered why it is called a pick up truck :).  Since hitch-hiking is not enforced in Hawai'i, hubby stuck his thumb out and these 4 teens in the truck pulled over.  (Please don't tell my mother ANY of this :)  (or my kids, or anyone who would shake their heads right now).  We asked for a ride to the bottom and he said, "Sure dude, hop in the back, I like your hat!"  So we climbed in the back with instructions to not touch the surf-boards!  After a short, bumpy ride down the path we jumped out to head in the direction of the falls.  We walked around a bend in the road and as we turned the corner there is was.  It has not rained a lot recently so the flow was rather mild.
We stood there for approximately 3 minutes when along comes this rancher heading back up to the top.  He stopped and took our picture.
So we asked if we could have a ride back to the top of the 1 mile incline.  "Sure, hop in,' he said--love the locals.  So we jump in the back of his truck where his 2 dogs were also hanging loose, along with 3 horse saddles and a water tank.  Well this little dog leaped upon my lap and can I tell you he was the stinkiest dog I have ever known!
We were laughing hysterically over the 15 minute round trip from top to bottom to back up the top.  We were saved from the hike.  Oh, one last thing to note, they have phone booths in Hawai'i, 50 cents a call.

I am so enjoying reliving our week by scrapbooking the highlights.


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