Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Field Day

 Blue team on field day.  It was the best weather we ever had, it is usually a thousand gazillion degrees!

 It is far more fun to watch the faces of kids playing tug-o-war, they are hilarious.

 Relay race...twirl the soaked mop around your head as you run up and down the field, it is akin to patting your stomach and rubbing your head.

 Super Soaker Sack races.

 Oreos... don't leave home without them!

 This wonder chick is our class mascot.  She has come through more surgeries by the grace of God Almighty.  She is a walking miracle!

 Seeing her sit is like a rare glimpse of a hummingbird that quickly passes you by.
 Our field day is a water park without the admission fee.
 I am in love!  Look at his slicked back hair.  Look at those cheeks.  Oh he is dreamy!!

 I don't even know who he belongs to, but he is the future Captain America, I am sure of it!

 100 points for the orange gerber daisy in the hat Melissa.
 The last event of the day is always a surprise for the teachers.  This year the quest was to snag the donut off the string.  There is no glamorous way to capture a picture of this...
So, I will leave it at that!

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