Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sunday Twist

 I bought a box of Aunt Anne's pretzel mix.  You know the pretzels that hypnotises you in the mall.  Today we decided to make a batch.
 It was oowie and gooey, perfect for a 9 year old boy!  Then you have to wait and let it rise, a lesson of patience for said 9 yr old.
 After dividing the batter (math skills are necessary) you roll out the dough a yard long and an 1" thick.  Twist, then dunk it into a chemistry bowl of sodium bicarbonate and water then bake.  After they come out of the oven you need to decide salt or cinnamon sugar...

 Spending time together is precious and I love making these Norman Rockwell moments but after creating these treats I think it's a beautiful thing that the mall has these curb side and ready to go (that can be a family event too)!

Coram Deo,

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