Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ancient of Days

We wear many hats don’t we?  Mother, daughter, sister, friend, manager, chef, accountant, etc…
God too has many ancient names.  You may have heard some of these in hymns or prayers.  Have you wondered what they meant?  Each name is a precious  insight into the character of our Lord.  Try using them in your prayer time this week…there is power in His name!

Elohim:  God, Mighty Creator
      He created me and others for a purpose:  to have a permanent relationship of love with Him.

El Roi:  The God Who Sees Me
        He is with me always; never leaving me alone.

El Shadday:  God Almighty
        He is stronger than all the forces of evil and He has saved me from death.

El Olam:  The Everlasting God
        He lives forever and has restored me in an eternal relationship with Him.

Adonay:  Lord, Master
        He knows what is best for me and I am under His tender care.

Yahweh:  Lord
        He plans the events of my life for my good and His glory.

Yahweh Yireh:  The Lord Will Provide
        He gives me everything I will ever need.

Yahweh Nissi:  The Lord is My Banner
        Christ has died to set me free from the bondage of sin, giving me security and assurance.

Yahweh Shalom:  The Lord is Peace
        He has reconciled me to Himself and to others by the cross of Christ.

Yahweh Tsidqenu:  The Lord Our Righteousness.
        He is my Source for goodness and truth.

Yahweh Roi:  The Lord is My Shepherd
        He holds me close to His heart, lead me with patience, and protects me from evil.

El Kanna:  Jeolous God
        He wrestles with me for our love and loyalty.

Qedosh Yisrael:  Holy One of Israel
        He refines and purifies me.

Elohim Chay:  Living God
        He rose from the dead, is involved in my life today, and prepares a home for me in heaven.

Ab, Abba, Pater:  Father
      He cares, loves, and protects me as a merciful and tender Father.

I found this list in a devotional my daughter and I are reading together called in the Flower of Youth by Florio.  Check out her blog, your daughters might be interested and encouraged.


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