Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cottage Style Interiors

The Lord answers prayers, sometimes in the most unlikely ways.  When my kids were younger my husband and I were looking to put them in school.  After much research of the private schools in our area it boiled down to one school in particular that stood head and shoulders above the rest.  At that point I was homeschooling them but after interview we wanted to put them into this Christian, classical school.  At the time the school had a waiting list.  Our oldest son got the last spot for second grade a few weeks before the school year started and my daughter's class had no openings so we homeschooled her for kindergarten.  Reenrollement comes in December for the following year.  In FAITH, we filled out the form to send both kiddos.  I prayed and asked the Lord to provide the means for us.  God answered my prayer and fulfilled a long forgotten desire in my heart.  Some friends of ours were getting ready to build their dream home.  They had the lot picked out and the blueprints purchased.  What they were in need of was an interior designer.  They had interviewed several and did not feel any of them were right.  She called me on the phone and said, "I love your home, I love how it is decorated and I want you to do our new home."  SERIOUSLY???  Wow, I was overwhelmed.  This is a 7,000 square foot house and they weren't taking anything from the old house with them.  So basically, I have a doll house to decorate from scratch!  So I did the first thing I could think of...I called my mom.  I asked her if she would be interested in being my design partner and VIOLA'...Cottage Style Interiors was born.  That was 8 years ago and we are still going strong with a waiting list.  The Lord is the CEO and He brings us the people to work with.  We never advertise, His timing is always perfect and we trust Him completely to lead us on this buisness journey.
We worked along side of the clients faithfully as the home was being built.  We picked out light fixtures, paint colors, furniture, and helped design some of the architectural features like the half-way flower bed that is in the kitchen and looks down into the basement.  When the family finally moved into their new home and we were unpacking and arranging furniture we asked where all of her 'stuff' was, as in accessories and nic nac, chachkey thing-a-ma-bobs.  Blank stare...ah, I don't have any she says!!!  We had been on the project for about a year and hadn't gathered accessories for all of the numerous bookshelves and cubbies!  Alrighty then, on we go!
After we completed the project the owner's graciously participated in the American Cancer Society's Christmas Tour of Homes.  Here is a brief tour of some of the rooms we designed.

 Spacious, light and airy describes the whole of this home.  Lots of windows, rooms flow easily from one to the next.  The foyer amply greets guests into this French Country haven.

 The beautiful settee layered with pillows, cherry mahogany wood floors, ceilings that reach the sky.

 I think we custom made dozens Christmas swags and wreaths to drape on the staircase and doors.

 The library/office area

 Window treatments were custom, slip covers, chair pads, pillows, bedding...all just dreamy!  This front room boasts a baby grand, Aubosson carpet, and a message that says, 'Come sit and stay a while.'

 We had someone come and paint the ceiling in a french motif. 

 This is the powder room, and though it is hard to see has a gorgeous chandelier hanging over the sink.

 We painted the first floor in our custom butter color.  It is like candlelight, soft and warm.

 The large family room holds 2 sofa's and 2 comfy chairs and behind one of the sofa's is a game table with additional seating.

 The gourmet kitchen has a large island with beautiful granite.

Here is part of the flower box I mentioned.  This looks over the basement stairs.  Stairs come into the kitchen from upstairs and downstairs.

 The dining room overlooks the screened in porch.

One of the 4 fireplaces is in the dining room, so cozy!

 This view from the stairs looks over the whole 1st floor.

 The Mrs. has an extensive tea cup collection and this is one way to neatly display some favorites.

This was the Mr.'s favorite wall in the house.  The pictures are from where he proposed to her that we did as a gallery.

 The drooling never ends!  Is this an oasis or what?  Sweet dreams happen here!  Beautiful smokey plums, sage greens and ivories blanket this master bedroom.

This is the view as you walk into the master bathroom.  Luscious indeed!

God is good!

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