Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Anniversary Valentine

Art - Norman Rockwell, The Marriage License
The Marriage License

Eighteen years ago we were signing our papers at the court house for our marriage certificate.  The couple standing in line were Mary and Joseph and they witnessed the signatures.  We went to a marriage seminar at church on Saturday and discussed the markings of sensuality in the bible.  The world feeds us 'body' images and lust that NEVER can be fulfilled.  In contrast the bible shows us how we as married couples are 'body and soul' that is a deep well of a lifetime of loving.  When scripture speaks of 'he knew her', it drives at intimacy of the marriage bed but also knowing each others true self.  There an incredible bond between a man and a woman when marriage vows are upheld and honored.  After the seminar we dined for lunch at a new restaurant called Chopstix which is now our favorite around town.  Leui and I have worked hard at our marriage.  We only survived this long through God's grace upon us.  We are strong today because of the trails and hard times, we made it through them and are grateful.  During our lunch we reminisced our trip last summer to Hawaii.  Tonight for dinner I am making a dish we shared called Hawaiian Salsa (recipe to follow).  I think there is a big floral shirt up in the closet I can dig out and parade in.

This couple from Britain is the oldest married couple, married 77 years.  Isn't this a beautiful picture?  Oh how I pray that we can run the race with endurance and capture a picture just like this one.  These kinds of pictures will be less and less I fear.  Pray for your marriage, invest in your sweetheart, protect your relationship with words of love and respect, pursue your hubby for you are his alone.

A toast to my Valentine whom I love and cherish and call my beloved...Song of Solomon 6:3

My Beloveds,

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