Monday, April 11, 2011

Back Stage and Warm-ups

 Time to get your face on!
 Mrs. Marni is doin' her thang!

 Tech guy, never opens his eyes for pictures.

 Put a mustache on this beautiful girl and she turns into Will Turner from Pirates.
 Mrs. Michelle, Doug's adopted mom.

 Make sure you don't step on anyone Cyrano as you climb over the chairs to get to the stage.  The entire room was used during the play.

 Best buds.
 Orange Girl/Lise

 The baker, the faker, and the candle stick maker...
Will the real Captain Hook please stand up!
 Time for warm-ups...
 Everybody get your scream on!

 May I have this dance?
 I could take a gander at what is running through her mind.

 Hands on, totally hands on!


 Call me okay!

 The next Oprah Winfrey.

 Creator of The Tree/Tecky

 MacGyver:  lights/tech/nose assembler
 Mom extraordinaire!

 The Cadets of Gascony!

Fencing Master



 Roxanne and Cyrano

Hand over your cell phone and no one gets hurt!


A million more pics coming...


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