Monday, April 25, 2011


This is what the 'Easter Bunny' looks like around here.
The hunt is on, if only our arms were made of elastic (just sometimes).

She needs a bigger basket!  Or it's time to quit!

This is my uncle that we were praying for who had open heart surgery.  He has come through beautifully!
My red headed mama.

FYI this post is NOT an advertisement for Sam Adams beer.  I realize everyone was enjoying their beverage today.

It only looks like he is going to whack her.

This is also not a paid advertisement for Benadryl either.
We got completely rowdy and out of control loud playing A to Z.
 Poor Brad, I think he might be forever traumatized.

My girl.
Cousins, not blood similar.
No, they did no wardrobe coordinating on their yellow shirts and gray shorts.
I love having a house full of loved ones!  One of my favorite treats!
He is Risen!

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