Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pom-Pom Lampshades

The kids bathroom is getting a make-over.  The chenille yellow ducky's retired and the space got an upbeat look.  I had these 2 lampshades to recover so I peeled off the nasty trim and cleaned them up.  I choose a soft green cross-hatch fabric and white  pom-poms to trim it out.  A little tacky spray glue and hot glue and the project was underway.

First, lay the shade on its side and draw along the top and bottom of the shade turning it along the fabric till all four sides are sketched on the fabric.  Make sure to leave a quarter inch to put the seams together.

 After the fabric is cut, spray the lampshade.  I put mine in a big cardboard box and wore rubber gloves because the spray travels!  Definitely spray outside!  Put the fabric on the sprayed shade and turn the seam in so that it is finished on the outside.  Once you have it in place hot glue the seam.
 Next hot glue the trim, top and bottom onto the shade.  Try to keep your seams all ending in the same place so that becomes the back of your shade.

Finally, the best part!  Hang your sweet creation and just be tickled silly with yourself!  I will post the finished bathroom once the paint is dry.


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