Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Message from the Queen

Life does not come with a manual.  We take our queues from the Bible as well as from those who have gone before us who shed wisdom and discernment from their vantage in life.  There are a few women in the Old Testament that I treasure.  My most favorite warrior chic is Queen Esther.  Gleaning two extremely valuable nuggets of wisdom I want to share them with you today.  (This must be good because a Trojan ate my computer 3 days ago while I was posting this very message).  If you have never read Esther's story do so today.  It is tucked between Nehemiah and Job.  It is not very long, only 10 chapters, you could read it all in one sitting.  (I am smiling right now as my power flickers on and off from the blizzard-I'd better hurry!!)  Orphaned and raised by her cousin Mordecai, a very godly man, Esther was chosen to be selected by the king as his wife.  The king's first wife was rather rebellious and dethroned.  Esther stood apart from all the other contestants because of her beauty but more importantly because of her integrity, grace, and strength that she possessed.  After becoming queen she learned that the kings right-hand man, Haman, has plotted to kill all the Jews and deceives the king to go along with his plan.  Did I mention that Esther is Jewish?   I will leave you here to find out the rest of her story.
Have you ever had to talk to the man in your life about something troubling your heart?  A BIG something troubling your heart, one that could cause major conflict if not addressed and handled correctly.  Well, here is a message from the queen.  First, you fast and pray.  For me that looks like fasting from sleep so I can pray and seek God's wisdom, other times fasting from food is what is necessary.  Second, you feed him.  Yep, I mean cook him up a yummy dinner and allow him a chance to unwind from the day.  Men simply function better with food in their tummies!!  Then, invite him to join you in a quite place, pray with him, and then present what is on your heart to him.  Girls, our guys want to be our heroes.  If we come to them humble in spirit and gently place before them our hearts, they will respond in courageous and caring ways.  Timing is everything!

P.S.  If you want to learn more about this lady read Charles Swindoll's book.  It gives more behind the scenes information and makes the whole story come alive.

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Lisa said...

Thank you for your wisdom, insight and encouragement. I pray we will continue to hear what God puts on your heart! Loving you much my dear friend!