Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Standing in the Gap

Reading through Ezekiel is rather dreadful-such naughty people (and in BIG trouble)!  In the 22nd chapter it says, "I searched for someone who would build up the wall and stand in the gap before Me for the land, so that I would not destroy it; but I found no one."  That caught my attention.  Jeremiah 5:1 helped, "if you can find a man, if there is anyone who does justice, who seeks the truth, then I will pardon her."  God is looking for honest and true people.  This wall is not one of stone but of faithfulness.  We continue to move further and further away from the precepts America was built upon.  If the Lord searched America over whom would he find that stands in the gap?  To me standing in the gap is praying!  I am not a political gal by nature, I am learning though.  Frankly, the more I hear in the news the more my heart is broken, and that is just little 'ol me, what is God thinking about all of this?  Abortions, terrorists, tolerance, smooth-talkers in white houses, wars, and the list goes on and on. Our country needs a total spiritual reconstruction!  When we give the appearance of loving God without living his way, we are covering up sins that could eventually damage us beyond repair!  My voice may be small in how my senator responds to my emails but my voice is HUGE when I pray and intercede for my country.  Will you join me?