Monday, November 15, 2010

Greek Olympics

WELCOME: Aphrodite- goddess of love and beauty, Ares- god of war, Artemis- goddess of the moon, forest, hunt, and childbirth, Athens- goddess of wisdom, Hades- god of the under world, and Zeus' wife, Hermes- the god of messengers, Posiden- god of the sea and horses, Zeus- god of the gods and sky, also Hera's husband; he was the 'top dog'!

Here is the goddess of love, zeal and enthusiasm for learning, Mrs. B!

 Everyone gave an oral report on their topic.  The Gabinator reported on centaur's-very naughty creatures!
I love that they still dress up, ah, these moments are fleeting!  I learned that the torch is kindled by the light of the Sun, its rays concentrated by a parabolic mirror in Olympia, Greece.

They kids were divided into 3 groups; Sparta, Corinth, and Athens.  Each team decorated a banner.

Then blessings upon blessings, a goddess from Greece prepared the most amazing, authentic Greek food I have EVER tasted.  Olives and olive oil straight from the homeland.

I don't think the gods prayed back in the day, but these little gems did!

A parade and then the ceremonies began...
We had such a terrific parent turnout, the weather was fabulous too.  We love our school!

The themes of these games are from the real B.C. Olympics!!!

Traditionally, javelin throwing these games included throwing the farthest ball, frisbee, and ski stick.

Here Hades played a game of balance. My daughter says this game was to show them how the Greeks kept balance on horses bareback. These little gods kept the egg balanced on a spoon, since they didn't have any horses...

This game was to demonstrate how much the armor weighed that the men wore to battle: seventy to one hundred pounds!!!

Who can jump the farthest! I think the Greeks did it... 
except nude!

Let the marathon begin...

Bronze, silver, and gold metals were distributed to the teams.  Aren't these cool...thanks Dawn for making these!

The years my kids have participated in these Olympic games they were each chosen to be on the Spartans team, and each of them won!  GO SPARTA!!

Lovin these school day,s

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