Monday, November 8, 2010

October Once-Over

10-10 has swept by already!  Overall, October was a busy, productive month.  The Knights soccer team played a great season.  The team had one broken ankle and one sprained ankle.  They played hard!

Sissy and I went out in the beautiful fall season and practiced photographing the surroundings.  

 We had a great variety of weather.  The sky was gorgeous on several occasions. 

We did our October 12 New Things and watched a video about how to paint with watercolors and then we painted with watercolor pencils.  Art is so fun!

My parents brought back from Prince Edwards Island an 'Anne Hat.'  What fun to dress up and play the role of your favorite story book character.

  It couldn't be complete though without her bosom friend...

We even had a 'real school day' when our homeschool friends came to work with us one day...

I love these Mosaic tiles.  They are magnetized so it sticks to the paper.  Boo choose to start on the pink right away (the girl is a kindred spirit!).

Then there was our furry friend snuggled up on the couch as we schooled the days away...

 We threw in a trip to Virginia, a hayride, a harvest hoe-down, a corn maize, and a masquerade ball.  Besides that I worked overtime with my job!  Phew, life is indeed abundant!


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