Sunday, October 2, 2011

School's in Full Swing

We are off and running with the new school semester.  Two in high school and one in did this happen, weren't they just in diapers??  For the first time all three of my children are in school full-time.  My 4th grader came home and asked, "Mom, what do you do all day?"  "I lament and cry and console myself by staring at your picture all day until you come home darling." (I didn't say this out loud mind you).  Actually, I have been enjoying my full days of being a family manager!  Sometimes I don't sit down at all or eat lunch, I am just busy being about the work at hand.
He really needs two bookbags with all the books he carries back and forth!  He is House Captain for Augustine House, directing choir, teaching piano, directing drama and taking physics, calculus, honors lit. and history, and writing a 15 page junior thesis this year.  He has got his focus on!
Girlfriend is sporting that Peggy Sue look.  After being homeschooled for all of middle school (thank you very much!) she has jumped into freshman year with a vengeance.  Getting A+ in everything it feels real good to know that all our hard work at home has blossomed into equipping her for these rigorous academics.  She is still teaching riding lessons on the weekends and is involved in drama and choir as well.  She loves her worldview class and is doing some WIKI/blog stuff in literature.
My handsome Gabinator is growing in leaps and bounds.  This year they have changed the focus to study skills and reading at home instead of the traditional homework fill-in-the-worksheet things we have been doing for a coon's age.  I have to say teaching study skills has been a fruit of the spirit engagement!  Self-control and perseverance have been exercised on both our parts.  It is a huge leap from 3rd grade to 4th grade.  New applications are tapping into his brain that are stretching him.  He is doing great!  He is playing soccer and practicing piano too.
I have lived out that little Norman Rockwell part of me that dreamed of warm muffins for breakfast to send them off to school and gooey chocolate chip cookies from the oven welcoming them home. That glass cake dish has had some homemade yummy treat in it since school started and I just delight in keeping it full.  Besides filling my garage with purging projects and de-cluttering one area at a time (no hurry mind you) I am blessed and content to care for my family and home.  I have been trying to write one encouraging snail mail card a week and preparing for Sunday meals with family and friends.  Maybe I will venture out and have lunch with a friend one of these days, or sit down and read, or paint my toes but for now...those 6 hours fly by in a flash!
Coram Deo, 

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