Friday, September 30, 2011

A Sunny Gathering Place

This is the back of the house to the French Country post.  Pryor to beginning the project (can't find the before pictures)  the floors were carpet and tile.  There was a half-wall dividing the kitchen and family room.  Cabinets were pine and counter tops were formica.  The only things that stayed put were the light fixtures and the stove and fridge.  Her colors were hunter green and burgundy...bye-bye!!!
The new chosen color scheme yellow, lime, and crimson.  Painted furniture and cabinets.  New hardwood floors throughout the entire space.  We widen the wall between the kitchen and family room and took out the half wall too.  With this palette the room is bright and cheery. 
The television armoire was the focal point in the room and we chose a light yellow finish with a soft glaze.  Beautiful crown molding was added throughout the space.  I love the yellow panels trimmed in our green gingham fabric.
Dragonfly fabric on the chairs and ottoman that surround the fireplace.  Choosing the green paint was a challenge.  Because of the nature of paint + lighting it can cast different shades depending on the time of day and the amount of light cast on that particular wall.
I love the baskets under the table lined with the sweet yellow floral stripe.  Custom throw pillows bring in a third fabric and compliments the sofa beautifully.
We designed this chair a'la french flare.  It beckons you to sit and stay awhile!
It's hard to get a good photo of a huge picture window.  The mantel was decorated with a large flower pot of geraniums and some round picture frames on easels and candles and book.  This was the arrangement we put on her coffee table.  A green picket fence tray with some pretties.
A sweet little nook in the kitchen is filled with a half-round table, an antique pitcher with ivy, petite round mirrors on the wall hung on ivory ribbons complete this ensemble.
Somewhere I will find the original kitchen pictures.  But this is the cru de gras of the first floor.  Ivory cabinetry that extends to the ceiling, warm colored granite, and oil-rubbed bronze hardware.  What a great place to gather around!

A large hurricane votive, ivy pot and a little hidden bird on a pretty buttery placemat don her island..
An oval kitchen table with a wood stain surface and painted pedestal bottom.

This was a new kitchen window design we used.  Very soft and delicate pattern.

We made the french door window treatments similar to the kitchen window except we took out the soft gather and made a pleat instead.
This french bistro baker's rack is a great piece of furniture to tuck away wine bottles and this one has drawer's to hold placemats.  The oil rubbed bronze metal adds some depth to the ivory cabinets everywhere else in the kitchen.  What a sunny gathering place!


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Unknown said...

Where did you get your picket fence tray?