Thursday, April 15, 2010


So I started the day with a plan.  It was a good plan.  Today my eating choices were all mapped out!  Oatmeal for breakfast, protein shake for lunch, chili w/veges for din din.  Sounds good, right?!  But then something happened after lunch as it always does.  I begin taking inventory of my pantry.  You know the routine, open the door and look for that certain something that says ah-ha!  Nothing speaks to you then you close the door.  Repeat 15 minutes later.  Meanwhile the fruit bowl is glaring at me as it over ripens!  O the tragedy of it all!
But then, but then, I opened the cabinet door again and HOT DIGGITY, there was a box of chocolates pushed to the back.  Now these aren't just any chocolates; these are from Havre de Grace.  These are made with love.  These are made with sweeter sugar!  These, alas, are made with smoother, darker chocolate.  Not all chocolates are created equal!!!  Say this outloud with me, "Chocolate is our friend!"
Do you know of Harve de Grace's sweet secret?   Hmmm, you're probably not interested.  You probably don't even care what chocolate passes between your lips.  Poor things!  For those few of you out there in cyber world I will share (not the chocolate) where your next destination stop is to be.
I made the picture XXX Large for you.  Notice there are some missing!  If you have not had the opportunity to visit Bomboy's candy shop, you have not yet thououghly lived.  Good news, it is not too late!
In addition, soon, very soon, the homemade ice cream shop directly across the street will be opening for summer.  SIGH.....  The candy shop takes you back to another time and place.  A place that is safe and young, and calories never, ever help you make a decision.
If I were truly a good friend, I'd share.  However, these were given to hubby and me so technically I already am sharing.  These are creamy peanut butter (his) and chocolate covered raisins (yours truly).
It's a happy, blissful day!

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