Monday, April 26, 2010

The Buff One

Hubby was rootin through his closet looking for his Hawaiian shirt.  When we met for the very first time, he was wearing this shirt, over 17 years ago!  "Why do you want the shirt?", curiosity waning.  "At work it is 'wear your Hawiian Shirt Day', and a Gilligan's Island contest, oh, and I need to bring in something to share for lunch."  Sigh.  So I reach into the deepest, darkest crevices of his closet and present the shirt.  It's all the way in the back, he never wears it, why would he??  As he is putting on the shirt he reminds me (again) of the little college girls who refer to him as "the buff one".  His Olympic-cut frame does lend itself to this flattering statement, that I will grant.
After buttoning up the shirt and the top buttons spanning across his broad chest he says, "AHH, I shouldn't have gone to the gym this morning!"  He cracks me up!  So not only is he buff, but he is way-out-there super smart, so he won the title of  Professor from Gilligan's Island.  Not a bad day, huh?


Stories Sell said...

I"m too sexy for my shirt too sexy for my shirt!!!Leu that shirt is so you.Love it!!!


That is hilarious!!!!!:)

Stories Sell said...

I don't know who Stories sell is but that comment was from me.Sandy