Monday, April 12, 2010

The Letter

My parents gave my siblings and I a treasured hierloom this past Christmas.  My Grandmother would faithfully write her 3 boys, who were in the war, daily.  She would tell each of them what the others were doing, the goings on around home, and baseball score clippings cut-out from the newspaper.  My dad saved each precious letter he received from home.  I have been the benefactor of one of these letters.  My way-creative mom (she has more creativity in her pinky finger than I have in my whole body!) put together these hierlooms for each of us kids.  She framed a photcopy of the envelope and on the back of the picture frame she tucked the original letter from my Grandmother. 

These are the contents of my envelope.  Let me share with you a bit of this sweet letter...
Nelson Darling,
     We received your letter of the 26th today.  So glad you had a chance to go to Jacksonville.  You are some stuff staying at a hotel.  Bet you think you are a sport huh?  Just be sure you go with good company and don't go any place to get in any trouble.  We got a letter from Jackie today.  He said he is busier than when the war was on.  Said he was worried about you and Beanie said the same.  Try and write to them both.  Charles and grandma came out on the 10 o'clock bus this morning.  They are staying all night.  Dad got the car all back together today, finished about 1 p.m. he was all smiles...

She signs it:   Always your loving Mom, hugs and kisses  xoxoxoxo

Takes you back, hand written letters aged with time.  Thankfully some things don't change like a mother's love, and her constant concern for her children.  How precious!