Friday, April 9, 2010

Quiet Time

Say Good Morning to the Lord!  Thank Him for a new day.  Before you jump into reading for your quiet time, acknowledge the One to whom you pray...

Lord I hold your Word in high regard because it is perfect, sure, pure, and clean (Psalm 19).  Father I delight in your Word.  I have a spiritual hunger to know you more.  Father I am willing to put forth a mighty effort to draw close to you.  Help me to deal with distractions that keep me from spending time with you.  Thank you for the gift of the Holy Spirit who teaches me all the things you want me to know.  Lord thank you that when I walk away from spending time with you I am more radiant and joyful. 
I want to experience Christ as a versus' truth comes alive to me.  Use scripture to revive me, give me wisdom and discernment that I can apply what I glean to my family, my friends, and myself.  Fortify me to memorize scripture.  Open my eyes spiritually.  Shape my attitudes and spiritual perception.  Develop within me a spiritually receptive outlook.  Heighten my intellect so that I can understand the doctrines of the bible.  Holy Spirit illuminate the Word and guide me to apply the truths I learn.  Lord give me a genuine eagerness to study your Word daily.  Keep me teachable and obedient and diligent in studying your Word.
I praise you God for victory over deceitful , enslaving sins.  Thank you for Your promises and inner cleansings.  Thank you for your warnings of pitfalls to avoid.  Pierce my heart, show me my sin.  Help me to reckon with that which pulls me away from you.  May I live for an audience of one this day.
Stamp eternity on my eyes.  May I bless someone today pointing them to You.

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webbmom said...

A beautiful, heartfelt prayer that encourages me to push past the distractions and meet with God.