Wednesday, December 29, 2010

34th Street Lights

We took our annual jaunt to 34th Street in Hampdon.  The neighborhood was faithful to light up the street once again.

In the meadow you can build a snowman, or take some bicycle wheels, paint them white, stack them on top of each other and put them on your roof!
They just can't give me a normal smile!

But they can...100 points for the girls!

Did I mention it was freezing out?

One of the neighbors is an artist and opens his front room for all 'spectators' to see his wares.  These glasses were dangling from the ceiling and probably 5 feet wide.

Art deco!  A nativity made from metal, tubes, tin, and yes, Virginia, those are garbage cans.
And for the grand finale there in a window is the lamp from A Christmas Story.
Merry Christmas,

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