Saturday, December 4, 2010

Homemade Gifts

My kids ask me what they should buy for a certain loved one.  I try to come up with ideas that are a reflection of their personal talents and that is doable for them to make.  Homemade gifts are such a treasure.  A set of coupons for dad redeemable at anytime; foot rub, a batch of cookies, clean his car windows, things like that.  One year my kids put on a recital for the family, they recited poems and scripture, played the piano, sang a was an evening of entertainment.  They even made a program for everyone.  One year hubby and I made gift certificates for 1 hour of computer help and a  'handy-man help' to our parents.  I will never forget one year I made a calendar for my husband with pictures of our family and he got all teary when he opened it up!  \
Sometimes inspiration comes from milling around the craft store.  I saw these cute little packages and several people came to mind that I want to give a token of our appreciation to and this fits the bill perfectly (especially since they were half price)!

I will bake some banana bread or pumpkin bread and use the bags to wrap them up in and Sissy is going to make Peppermint Bark and package it in these festive candy boxes. 

Please share any creative ideas you might have...
Merry Christmas

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Anonymous said...

The hand-man gift certificate...definitely one of my favorite gifts...

luv ya,